Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde Frankfurt am Main

Aesthetic dentistry


Beautifully straight and white teeth combined with an attractive smile are your business card!

Today, modern dentistry provides many options. Old filling materials such as amalgam can be replaced by high-quality, aesthetic composite fillings or ceramic restorations like inlays or ceramic partial crowns. For more extensive tooth damage, crowns are recommended – here, too, we attach great importance to a high degree of aesthetics and functionality, which can be achieved with all-ceramic restorations.

Damaged or mispositioned incisors can be corrected with ultra-thin ceramic shells, so-called veneers.

Orthodontic measures to straighten crooked teeth also contribute to a harmonic smile and give you a better quality of life, more joy and self-esteem.

In our practice, we offer transparent braces, which you can wear in everyday life without much impairment. They are hardly noticeable and the final result is very appealing!

We tailor the different options to your ideas and needs. Together with you, we will be delighted about a beautiful and satisfying result.