Angstpatienten Frankfurt am Main

Anxious patients


We dedicate a lot of patience and empathy to children and people who feel insecure and fearful.  I understand your fear of dental treatment very well because as a child, I was terrified not only of the dentist but of any visit to the doctor. This is why it is my special concern that you feel comfortable and in good hands with us.

A pain and stress-free treatment of our patients is our top priority. We take more time for your needs in this special situation and we explain the next treatment steps so that you know exactly what to expect. This way you will feel comfortable during treatment.


Before treatment:

Confide your fears and where they come from to me. I will help you overcome the uncomfortable feeling of fear. If you are very anxious or you cannot cope with the physical strain of the treatment, I can offer you additional help with calming and anxiety reducing medication.


During treatment:

We will respond particularly sensitively to your individual pain perception and offer you to make the treatment more comfortable by applying gentle and painless methods.

If you are afraid of injections, we will use topical anesthesia to painlessly pre-anaesthetize the injection site on the gum.  As a result, you will hardly feel the puncture of the ultra-thin injection needle.

We also use topical anesthesia to avoid gag reflexes in X-rays, when taking an impression or treating painful injuries to the oral mucosa, and in minor treatments on the gums.

Throughout the entire treatment, we will respect your personal needs and preferences. It is no problem to take a short break – you determine the pace of the treatment and you should feel comfortable at all times. It is also possible to interrupt the treatment if it is too much for you.

During the treatment, we make you feel comfortable by turning on the massage function of the dental chair to soothing tunes. The high quality dental equipment and techniques comply with modern standards and allow shorter treatment times.


After Treatment:

In a conversation, we would gladly get some feedback to hear how the treatment was for you.

Our aim is that you leave our practice free from fear and with a happy smile on your face.