Prophylaxe Frankfurt am Main

Dental prophylaxis


Good health begins in the mouth! Regular check-ups and preventive measures by  professional dental cleaning contribute to improved dental health and oral hygiene in the long term.

Simply removing calculus is by far not enough to optimally prevent dental diseases – both tooth decay and periodontitis. To increase your well-being, unattractive stains from coffee, tea, red wine or cigarette consumption can be removed with the help of professional dental cleaning.

In our practice, the professional dental cleaning is thoroughly and gently performed by an assistant who is especially skilled in dental prophylaxis. The treatment consists of the removal of calculus above and below the gum line, the elimination of stains and finally the teeth polishing. In addition to professional dental cleaning, we offer prophylaxis training especially tailored to your oral hygiene situation, in which various cleaning techniques and dental care products are presented.